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  1. Have purchased a couple of Westphalian units from Stuart. Good quality work, well packed for shipping (even across the Atlantic) and easy to work with. Thanks!

  2. Well painted 28mm Napoleonic figures packed well for transit. A1 friendly transaction. Recommended

  3. I have purchased various Napoleonic units from Stuart and have always been very happy with the quality of painting. The figures have always arrived promptly and in excellant order.

  4. Stuart has painted and supplied 55 Ancient Greek Hoplite figures (28mm Foundry) which have been painted to a high standard – probably too good for the wargames table! Each figure has been individually painted to give a really good look for a ‘Citizen Phallanx’ and very reasonably priced.

    His postage and packaging is good and all arrived safely.

    I would highly recommend him.

    Andy Cross
    Melksham, Wilts

  5. Stuart has painted some really nice French Line. His packaging and speed of postage were first class. Very happy

  6. I have been collecting figures of various scales for years. Stuart is somehow able to achieve a very high standard of detail while at the same time he is able to maintain a very high rate of production. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Stuart has a half-dozen elves working for him on the night shift!(if rumors are true,he pays them with fish) Whatever this well-kept secret to Stuart’s speed painting may be, it is very good for the collector since figures of excellent quality can to be purchased at a very reasonable price. I am a very pleased and happy customer. Please disregard as references to fish and and elves.

  7. I have puchased multiple units of painted 25/28mm Napoleonic figues from Stuart. The quality of the painting is excellent, the service is friendly, and packaging/shipping (to New Zealand) is fast and professional. I highly recommend Stuart and his products.

  8. I have bought a number of units from Stuart and I am extremely pleased with both the paint job and the service I have received. I would highly recommend Stuart.

    Jim Hill

  9. Stuart has been painting for me for over 15 years.Everything from single figures to full diaoramas.From 25mm to 120mm.He has done Zulu war,WWII,Fantasy,Falklands,Boer war,Gulf war,Wild west and sci fi.He has all so painted for my wargames club.I have all ways found his work to be to the highest standard.I have allways found him to be a very decent chap to deal with and would highley recommend him to anyone.

  10. The quality of the painting is excellent .His packaging and speed of postage were first class. Very happy .
    Hoop to buy more ACW figues . Thanks

  11. New ACW fig. arrived .they are perfect . Thanks Stuart .
    In Vlemisch ; Goed en perfecte figuren en correcte service .
    Hoop to here about officers on horse.


  12. Stuart was great to deal with. He completed my order far,far quicker than I could hope and the quality of painting (and packing) was great. This is all the more exceptionalbecause my order was so different, characters for a Dr Who game set in the 1930s so a complete mix of garb. My favourite remains the highland gentleman he painted. I do wish I had his talent and I would recommend him highly


  13. I recently impulse-bought a unit of Stuart’s hussars on e-bay. Really impressed with the quality. No rush-job here. Each figure is precisely assembled with flash and mold-lines carefully removed. Stuart obviously undercoats carefully and keeps his colours deep and rich with a nicely crisp contrast between the light and shadow areas. His figures hit that often-elusive sweet-spot by looking really good close up and from a distance on the wargames table too. I will certainly be buying more figures from this accomplished artist. Many thanks Stuart.

  14. Very impressed with the speed and quality of the two units of BEF 1914 British that I bought. Every now and then there is a little touch that is brillient such as the officers silk scarf. Will definately use in the future.

  15. Wow, all I can say is Stuart delivers quickly and really nice standard, not to mention the converted figs he can do! Many thanks Stuart… I will be doing business with Stuart for a long time. Thanks Phil

  16. I bought a unit of 28mm ACW cavalry from Stuart on Ebay. Really excellent paint job and basing and also friendly communication and speedy delivery in my far away corner of the world. Thanks!

  17. I recently suffered a bout of impulse buying on eBay: got a unit of WWI troops from Stuart and haven’t regretted it one moment. Expertly painted, they easily outshine any other miniatures on the wargames table.

  18. Good packaging and delivery is prompt.The quality of the painting is excellent .
    Recommended. Will definately use in the future.
    Greetz from belgium Dave

  19. I have purchased a number of items from Stuart. All have been of a high quality and I have found him to be amiable and communicative. I have no trouble in recommending Stuart as a provider of figures for your gaming needs. Just one thing though, don’t over load him with orders as I’d like to get some more in the near future.

  20. The Austrian Napoleonic Grenadiers Stuart painted for me are excellent, just the way I like my figures to be. The quality and value is exceptional, many more figures from me will be heading Stuart’s way very regularly.


  21. I live in the United States and have been buying Napoleonic miniatures from Stuart for the last several years. His figures are painted beautifully and his service is impeccable. He is easy to work with and his figures always arrive quickly and are perfectly package. I will be buying figures from Stuart again and again. Buy with confidence you will not be disappointed. Thanks for all your great service and figures. All the best. Cheers!! Angelo.

  22. I have purchased many of Stuart figures over the past year. Everything he has done for me is painted to profection. Stuart is very professional and does excellent work. Packaging is top notch and none of the figures have been damaged. You will not be disappointed in any of his work.


  23. Great figures and great service.

    Stuart always accomodates what you require from a painter. Affordable prices and good quality, if you need whole units or to make up the numbers.

    I can’t fault him

    Chris Snelgrove

  24. Been to a number of other painters and Stuart’s the best. I have purchased some Spanish Figures recently and they were excellent (as were the previous French Infantry). Turn round quick, response quick, accuracy excellent and overall very happy. Many thanks indeed.

  25. I have purchased painted Napoleonic figures and had 18thC SYW figures painted for my by Stuart Foley. The painting was excellent and my specific painting requirements in terms of uniforms and colours were met every time.

    I will be using Stuart again in the future to build up my armies.

  26. Stuart painted 200 15mm celtic warrior for me and there are several things that stand out about his service:

    1) he’s professional and punctual. You pay up front, but you’re going to get exactly what you expect, exactly when it was agreed upon.

    2) his quality is top notch.

    3) you get notifications of parcel arrival, progress shots along the way, confirmation of shipping, and tracking numbers. This may sound par of the course, but I’ve worked with painters who communicate considerably less, and this hands-on approach really keeps you engaged in the project and you know what’s going on.

    I’ve never seen Stuart’s personal life interfer with his painting business, he runs it likes a 9-5 ‘shop,’ and you get with that all the professionalism that you would expect and desire for your money.

    And the minis look bloody lovely (and DAMN he is quick).

    An absolute staple god-send of a painter in the industry and someone I’d always recommend to anyone else.

  27. Stuart painted a number of 28mm wss units for me and I was really pleased with the level of communication, the painting standard, price (!) and turnaround of orders. Really pleased with the experience and hope he can do a few more for me

  28. ‘I am currently building armies for the League of Augsburg/War of the Spanish Succession periods and I have bought large bodies of cavalry and dragoons from Stuart. These are great figures – historically accurate uniforms and superbly painted. I highly recommend Stuart’s painting service.’

  29. Stuart paints beautiful miniatures and is incredibly nice to deal with. I have bought many Naploeonic 28 mm from him both what he sells on eBay and special request. They are painted to a beautiful standard. His shipping and handiling is fast and the miniatures are well packed. I will buy again and again from him. Thanks Stuart for the beautiful Napoleonics you have added to my collection. Cheers. Angelo

  30. Having initially purchased a couple of units painted by Stuart to add to my 28mm WSS collection, the majority of this is now composed of Foot, Horse and Artillery figures supplied by this master painter – and they are uniformly the best figures in the collection. I’ve particularly appreciated both Stuart’s fast turnaround times and, above all, his unstinting efforts to query and then meet my exact requirements. Thank you!

  31. I highly recommend using Stuart’s painting service. The last 7 months he has painted 500 28mm AWI and Nappy figures for me. Very fast painter. Very knowledgeable about each period. (I even learned about the different waist coats for AWI from him). He interfaces with you to make sure he has the right uniform you want and then paints to a good standard. I will 100% be using his service again.

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