Hi just a brief bit about myself  I  grew up in Wales surrounded by my family my dad fought in world war two as a infantryman , driver artillery man and the infantry  again , Dunkirk ,north Africa , Italy, Greece , and the middle east , my mum served in the land army and all my uncles on both sides served in the British force’s even my granddad was in the home guard and a fire watcher at night during the blitz . so you can imagine growing up with all the story’s from being sunk in the Mediterranean sea to battles on land in Africa  to my mum sticking a German prisoner of war with a pitch fork for saying what will happen to her after the war when Germany wins  which I wont repeat !! ( feisty of old girl ) which all these story’s fed my imagination I guess that’s why I love history so much  .

as a young lad I joined the army cadets, air forces and sea cadets all at the same time to see which one I liked the  best sea cadets won the training ship Glamorgan great time’s up until I left school  so you can guess which of the armed services I joined,  that’s right the army ?? strange but true  which I enjoyed gave me a chance to see Berlin before the wall came down and some not so interesting places which I wont mention  . also gave me a chance to shoot loads of weapons  blow stuff up and jump out of aircraft  silly rely when there was nothing wrong with the aeroplane’s . picked up this hobby after working away from home and wanted to fill my spare time some 20 years back and has loved every minute of  it.  from painting competitions  to just painting the odd figure for myself after a hard days work or painting figures for st athan wargames club (r.a.f. base)  trophy figures a figure manufacture in s.Wales  , to private commissions to selling my old wargames figures on ebay

I have just been made redundant from my job , so what a great chance to give my hobby a go as a business