28mm wurttemberg figures sale’s page

28mm wurttemberg and confederation of the rhine figures for sale you can buy as many figures you like from 1 to 100’s , as castings or painted .comparison size foundry figures rather than front rank

wurttemberg infantry 1805-1807 .

   guard du corp grenadiers a cheval life guard
 wurrtemberg light  / infantry 1805-1807
   wurrtemberg chasseurs a cheval
Digital StillCamera  wurrtemberg infantry 6th infantry reg  prince paul 1st battalion with grenadier company 1808-1812
   wurrtemberg 2nd battalion  infantry reg, prince wilhelm  1808-1812
 wurrtemberg chasseur leibjager 1805-1807
   wurrtemberg guard du corp infantry chasseur’s
 wurrtemberg guard du corp infantry fusiliers
   wurrtemberg guard du corp infantry grenadiers
 wurrtemberg light  / infantry rifles

horse grenadiers of the guard

  guard du corp grenadiers a cheval life guard
  chasseurs a cheval regiment konig
 libjagers of the guard
Digital StillCamera howizer and crew
Digital StillCamera cannon and crew
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA cannon and crew
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA howizer and crew
7083553061_88b68f6aab wurttemberg dragoons
 GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  chassuers a cheval
Digital StillCamera hessen- darmstadt  infantry
 Digital StillCamera  baden infantry

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